2024 Red Packet Campaign


🎉 Celebrate the 2024 Chinese New Year with us in a spectacular fashion through our 2024 Red Packet Campaign! This festive season, we're excited to bring the cherished tradition of giving and receiving Red Packets into the digital era. Our platform invites you to dive into the joy of sharing prosperity with the Glypher RedPacket (GRP), all within the convenience of Telegram. Holders of our GRP token not only partake in this age-old tradition but also stand a chance to benefit from future platform inscription airdrops. It's more than just a campaign; it's a celebration of culture, community, and technology coming together. 🐲🧧

Note: The GRP token serves a specific purpose beyond the celebration: it is intended for use in claiming platform inscriptions at a later date. Specifically, addresses holding more than 2500 GRP tokens will be eligible to receive our platform inscription airdrop in early March.


Join our official Telegram group https://t.me/+3mv-JDJw9E4zYjNh. Only members who join our Telegram group will be eligible to claim the Red Packets!


  1. Glypher RedPacket (GRP) Token on Polygon: A digital representation of luck and prosperity 🍀, designed to make your Red Packet experience seamless and joyful.
  2. BaoBao Bot within Telegram: Your go-to for sending digital Red Packets effortlessly, enhancing your festive celebrations.
  3. Web3Wallet Bot Within Telegram: Manage your digital fortunes with ease 💼, ensuring your Red Packets are claimed and stored securely.

Getting Started

Kick off your Red Packet journey by creating a Web3Wallet directly on Telegram, ensuring you're ready to receive prosperity at your fingertips! 🚀

Web3Wallet Bot

Experience a new level of convenience with the Web3Wallet Bot, a decentralized smart contract wallet tailored for the Telegram ecosystem. It's designed to meet the needs of Web3 users, offering a seamless experience for managing your digital assets.

BaoBao Bot

The BaoBao Bot is an innovative Web3 intelligent assistant on Telegram, crafted to simplify your interaction with digital Red Packets. Whether you're sending blessings or managing your wallet assets, BaoBao has got you covered.

Manage your Red Packet activities effortlessly by visiting BaoBao Bot

Receiving Red Packet Outside of Telegram

You might also receive the Red Packet link outside of Telegram, such as on WeChat or Discord. For example: https://t.me/u_Baobot/BaoBao?startapp=claim_65c77159e577a33c8d829560. Clicking on the link will prompt you to open the Telegram bot to receive the Red Packet as well. Simply follow the instructions provided below.

For users who haven't joined our Telegram group, the Red Packet link will prompt you to join first. Once you've joined, please verify yourself within our Telegram group, then click on the Red Packet link again to claim your Red Packet.

Managing Your Web3Wallet in Telegram

To create a new wallet:

  1. Navigate to the Telegram Web3Wallet Bot and click on "Home".
  2. Follow the prompts to create a new wallet. Once set up, access your Web3Wallet anytime through this Bot.
  1. Deposit a sufficient amount of MATIC to ensure you have enough gas to withdraw the claimed Red Packet tokens to your wallet. Each transaction will cost you approximately 0.02 to 0.03 MATIC.
  2. Import the GRP token so you can view your wallet balance, GRP token address is 0x115bb9c1e6c6a71328cd9083667a03a359b80886

Claiming Red Packets

  1. Encounter a Red Packet from BaoBao Bot? Simply click "Claim". 🎁
  1. Confirm by clicking "OK". ✔️
  1. You successfully claim the red packet, click "Check in wallet" to check the balance in BaoBao. 👀
  1. Transfer your tokens to your Web3Wallet by selecting "Transfer to Web3Wallet". ➡️
  1. Confirm the transfer by clicking "Confirm". ✅
  1. Finalize the transaction by confirming again. Remember, a nominal gas fee in a supported token is needed for the withdrawal. Ensure your wallet has enough to cover the gas fees to complete the transaction successfully. 💰