Introducing Glypher

Unlocking Inscription Potential on All Networks.

The Ultimate Multi-Chain Inscription Alpha Platform. Snipe, Analyze, and Trade Inscriptions across Multiple Chains Faster Than Anyone Else.

What is Glypher?

Glypher is the First and Only inscription platform that indexes and analyzes inscription data across multiple blockchains. It provides users with data insights, enables participation in early minting opportunities, spots recently minted inscriptions, and facilitates trading with driven metrics.

Empower the Inscription Ecosystem

Inscriptions are purely community consensus-backed and have seen wild growth in recent months, we've learned the beauty and potential of Fair Launch.

The ecosystem evolves, and the value of these inscribed assets is not decided by any centralized organization. However, some centralized behaviors that hurt the community remain. One can develop a closed-source inscription indexer and the community is forced to rely on that trusted node for their assets' safety. Even if the node fails many times, the community can't migrate to another reliable platform.

For the first time in blockchain history, the asset ledger is saved on centralized organization servers.

Glypher envisions leading the navigation of the Inscription Ecosystem across all chains. We are dedicated to connecting the fragmented inscription landscape, proposing a unified and consistent framework for inscription operations, and facilitating an interoperable inscription ecosystem. This encourages developers to collaborate and co-build. This approach is essential for fostering the continuous growth of the inscription ecosystem.