$ZEROI Tokenomics


$zeroi is the official inscription issued by Glypher, designed to incentivize community participation, governance, and foster a thriving multi-chain inscription ecosystem. As a $zeroi holder, you unlock a range of benefits and opportunities to shape the future of inscriptions across various blockchains.


Total Supply: 100,000

Community Fair Launch

  • Phase 1 Mint: 21% (Completed)
  • Phase 2 Mint: 19% (Upcoming on June 7th)


  • Marketing & Promotion: 10%
  • Community Collaboration Airdrops: 35%
  • Active User Airdrops: 5%
  • Future Utility: 10%

Utility and Benefits

  • Governance: Participate in the Inscription DAO and vote on platform upgrades, partnerships, and new features.
  • Partner Airdrops: Receive airdrops from our growing list of partners.
  • Community Exposure: Collaborating communities that hold $zeroi will receive ongoing technical support and access to platform partnership resources.
  • $gzero Airdrop: Receive an airdrop of $gzero, our upcoming platform token, giving you an early entry into our expanding ecosystem.

Join the Ecosystem

With $ZEROI, we're building more than just a platform – we're fostering a vibrant ecosystem where passionate community builders can connect, collaborate, and shape the future of digital ownership. Join us on this exciting journey!